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Equipment Categories

Hire Equipment Categories

This page gives you links to the various categories of Trade and DIY equipment available from Wattle Hire.

Some of the links are to list only pages.  These pages may contain more than one category.

Other links are to pages with more detail.

We are working to expand the detail on our web site.

If you cannot find the detail you require please contact us for more information.

Safety First
Wattle hire has a range of safety equipment to allow you to carry out your project in a safe and efficient manner.
Full List
This page gives a full list of the equipment available from Wattle Hire. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us as we may be able to obtain the equipment you require or suggest alternative equipment.
The equipment you need to to get to the work area, support the work, move around the work area efficiently and to erect barriers to make the work area safe for yourself and others.
Air Tools
A range of compressors and air tools available to make working easier, the list includes nail guns including our new air powered nail gun, paint spray guns,
A range of automotive tools to make your mechanical work easier and safer.  Includes a variety of jacks.  Tension wrench, stands, ramps and much more.
Industrial vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.
Cutting, preparing, moving, finishing, its all here!
One of our new arrivals.  It moves, it digs trenches and holes, it fills and is very versatile.
Drain Cleaning
The name says it all.
Hand Tools
From digging to wallpaper removal it's all here.
Exercise bike and folding bed
Jack Hammers
Jack hammers, hammer drills and attachments
Lawn and Property Care
It doesn't matter how big or small your property is we have the tools you need.  More than just mowers.  Includes post hole diggers, rotary hoes and chain saws
Generators, pumps and power tools
If you don't have mains power we can supply the power to allow you to run power tools. If you need to pump it we have a range of and hoses available for hire.
Sanders for all kinds of projects including finishing or refinishing timber floors with our floor sander.
Sheep care
Wool press, jetting plant, crutching plant and wool press.
From the ever useful 6x4 to the car carrier and horse float.  Accessories available include plug adaptors, chains and a 3 tonne winch.
A range of welders to make or repair, includes oxy acetylene,  mig and stick welders.