Wattle Hire

Plant and Equipment Hire

Hire Equipment List

Painters Trestles
Air Tools
Concrete Care and Compaction
Drain Cleaning

Hand Tools
Household Jackhammers Lawn Care
Post Hole Digger
Chain Saws
Power tools
Sheep Trailers Vacuum Cleaners Washers



bullet Acrow Props
bullet Barrier Mesh
bullet Brickies Trestle
bullet Floor Pallet Jack
bullet Forklift with or without operator
bullet Fridge trolley
bullet Panel lifter - 3.4m
bullet Piano trolley
bullet Scaffold tower - 4.5m
bullet snappy scaffold - 3.2m
bullet Scissor Lift
bullet Roof harness


bullet 8' Step
bullet 10' step
bullet 14' step
bullet 22' extension
bullet 30' extension
bullet Ladder rack

Painters Trestle

bullet 1.8m
bullet 4.2m
bullet 4m Plank
bullet 6m Plank
bullet Witches Hats

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Air Tools


bullet Compressor - 10 cfm
bullet Compressor - 12 cfm
bullet Hose - 12mm
bullet Compressor - 175cfm
bullet Hammer - Large
bullet Hammer - Small
bullet Moils
bullet Spade
bullet Hose - 12mm
bullet Rock Drill
bullet Rock Drill - Steel
bullet Chipping Hammer
bullet Needle gun


bullet Nail Fixing Gun - 50mm
bullet Nail Framing Gun - 75mm
bullet Nail Punch
bullet Hilti - DX350 - Licence Required
bullet Ramset - Licence Required
bullet T - Nailer
bullet Impact Wrench - 1/2"
bullet Impact Wrench - 1" Needs 40 cfm
bullet Stapler
bullet Pop Rivet Gun


bullet Spray Gun - Low pressure
bullet Spray Gun - High pressure
bullet Airlesco spraygun

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Concrete Care & Compaction


bullet Hydraulic Bearing Puller
bullet Car Stand - Pair
bullet Car Ramps - Pair
bullet Chain Block - .5 / 1 / 2 Tonne
bullet Engine Hoist
bullet Harmonic Balance Puller
bullet 1.5 Tonne Trolley Jack
bullet 10 Tonne Bottle Jack
bullet 20 Bottle Jack
bullet  High Lift Jack
bullet Safety Light
bullet Snow Chains
bullet Toboggan
bullet Timing Light
bullet Spring Compressor
bullet Tension Wrench
bullet Valve Spring Compressor


bullet Brick saw - Electric
bullet Bull float
bullet Mixer - 2' Electric
bullet Mixer - 3' Electric
bullet Mixer - 3' Petrol
bullet Concrete Surfacer - 235mm
bullet Quickcut Saw - 12"
bullet Quickcut Saw - 14"
bullet Wheeled Concrete Saw
bullet Diamond Blade - Per Thou
bullet 2.4m Screen
bullet 3.6m Screen
bullet Trowelling Machine
bullet Needle Flex Vibrator
bullet Paver Splitter
bullet Power Unit Flex Drive
bullet Porta Vibe - Needle
bullet Wheel Barrow
bullet Wall Chaser - 300mm


bullet Dyna Pac - LF 15
bullet Plate Compactor
bullet Upright Rammer - Wacker

Drain Cleaner

bullet Rigid Drain Cleaner
bullet Stilsens

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Hand Tools


Jack Hammers

bullet Automatic Level
bullet Bolt Cutters
bullet Tile Cutter
bullet Crowbar
bullet Fibro Hand Cutter
bullet Fibro Cutter - Electric
bullet Floor Clamps
bullet Laser Level
bullet Pipe Bender - Hydraulic
bullet Pop Rivet Gun
bullet Porta Power
bullet Post Hole Scissor
bullet Pick & Matoc
bullet Shovel
bullet Sledge Hammer
bullet Star Post Lifter
bullet Stud Finder
bullet Trenching Shovel
bullet Wall Paper Spiker
bullet Wall Paper Streamer
bullet Wire Spinner
bullet Wire Strainer
bullet Exercise Bike
bullet Folding Bed

bullet DH 38 Hammer Drill
bullet DH 50 Hammer Drill
bullet DH 65 Jackhammer
bullet Moils
bullet Spades
bullet H 90 Jackhammer
bullet Moils
bullet Spades
bullet Star post Driver
bullet Ramset Dynadrill

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Lawn Care

Post Hole Digger

& Rotary Hoe

Chain Saws

bullet Aerator / Corer
bullet Honda mower c/w catcher
bullet Honda utility
bullet Duetcher Self Propelled Slasher
bullet Mulcher / Chipper - 75mm
bullet Hedge Trimmer
bullet Dethatcher
bullet Lawn Roller
bullet Seed / Fertilizer spreader
bullet Topsoil Leveller
bullet Brushcutters 2 or 4 Stroke
bullet Post Hole - Manual
bullet Post Hole - Hydraulic
bullet Auger - Additional - 150/200/250/300mm
bullet Post Hole Digger - Two Man
bullet Auger - Additional - 150/200/250/300mm
bullet Auger Extension
bullet Rotary Hoe - 20"
bullet Rotary Tiller
bullet Dingo
bullet 16" - Electric
bullet 12" - 009 Chainsaw
bullet 16" - 032 Chainsaw
bullet 18" - O8S Chainsaw
bullet 20" - 039 Chainsaw
bullet Pole Pruner - Stihl

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Power Generators

Pumps and Hoses

Power Tools

bullet Dunlite 600 watt
bullet 1 kva - Honda
bullet 2.2 kva - Honda
bullet 3.5 kva - Mitsubishi
bullet 5 kva - Crommlins
bullet 5 kva - Honda
bullet 5.5 kva Honda Silenced
bullet 5.5 kva - Genquip Silenced
bullet 10 kva - Crommlins
bullet 15 kva - Kubota - Single & 3 Phase
bullet Power Box - 3 Phase c/w 20m Lead
bullet 26 kva - Genquip Super Silenced


bullet 50mm Submersible Electric
bullet Submersible Flex Drive - 50,000l
bullet Power Unit
bullet 1.5" Fire Fighter
bullet 2" Honda Transfer Pump
bullet 2" Sludge Pump - 10,000l/hr
bullet 3" Transfer Pump - 100,000l/hr


bullet 50mm Layflat - Per 10m
bullet 75mm Layflat - Per 10m
bullet 4" Angle Grinder
bullet 7" Angle Grinder
bullet 9" Angle Grinder
bullet Cordless 2 Speed Hitachi Drill
bullet 12mm Combination Drill
bullet 19mm Combination Drill
bullet Exhaust Fan
bullet Floor Stripper
bullet Floor Stripper - Blade
bullet Heat Gun
bullet Hitachi Rotary Hammer
bullet Jig Saw
bullet Magnetic Drill
bullet Makita Circular Saw - 210mm
bullet Hitachi Circular Saw - 235mm
bullet Metal Cut-off Saw
bullet Metal Nibbler
bullet Metal Shears
bullet Mitre Saw
bullet Sabre Saw
bullet Stapler - Hand
bullet Stapler - Electric
bullet Router - Bits Additional
bullet Planer - 75mm
bullet Planer  - 100mm
bullet Tex Screw Drill
bullet Tex Screw Drill - Heavy
bullet Tile Saw - Electric

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bullet Floor Sander - Drum
bullet Floor Edger
bullet Rotary Finishing Sander
bullet Package - Above Three Sanders
bullet Belt Sander - 75mm
bullet Belt Sander - 100mm
bullet Orbital Sander - 75mm
bullet Orbital Sander -- 100mm
bullet Disc Sander - 175mm

Use a nail gun before sanding the floor

bullet Jetting Plant
bullet Sheep yards - 22 Panel
bullet Wool press
bullet Crutching Plant c/w Handpiece
bullet 6' x 4' - Box
bullet 6' x 4' c/w Crate
bullet 7' x 4'6" Box
bullet 7' x 4'6" Box c/w Bike Rack
bullet 8' x 5' c/w Crate
bullet 10' x 5' Box
bullet 12' x 6' c/w Crate
bullet 13' x 6'6" Box
bullet 14' x 6'6" Car carrying trailer
bullet Double Horse Float


bullet Tow Ball
bullet Light Adaptor
bullet Dog & Chain
bullet Turfor Winch - 3 Tonne

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Vacuum Cleaners



bullet Karcher industrial
bullet Hitachi industrial
bullet Aussie Cleaner - 721
bullet Rent a Jet
bullet Upholstery Tool
bullet 140 amp Electric
bullet 175 amp weld n power
bullet 70 amp Mig gasless
bullet 215 amp Gas Mig
bullet Oxy / Acetylene
bullet Karcher industrial
bullet Hitachi industrial
bullet Aussie Cleaner - 721
bullet Rent a Jet
bullet Upholstery Tool

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