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Dingo Mini Loader

Dingo Mini Loader

Dingo on trailer

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The new Dingo is available for hire on short term or long term hire agreements.

The Dingo and its attachments are available on a trailer for ease of transport.

Please contact us for a quote and availability.

All the attachments use the Dingo quick change attachment system.

Attachments currently available are: 4 in 1 bucket, trencher and post hole digger

Dingo K9


Dingo with 3 in 1 bucket

K9-3 dingo with 4 in 1 bucket in use


The 4 in 1 bucket can be used as a bucket, a blade, a grab and or a leveller making it a very versatile attachment.


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Dingo with trencher


   Thee trencher has a crumber bar for cleaning the bottom of the trench as you dig. 

The crumber bar can be swung up out of the way if not required.


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Dingo with post hole digger

Post hole digger


The auger can dig holes to 1.5 meters deep.

Augers available are 150 mm (6 inch).  300 mm (12 inch) and 450 mm (18 inch)


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Dingo quick change attachment system.

Dingo quick hitch

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To learn more about the Dingo click here to visit the Dingo web site.
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